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The Mountain Dew League is a brand new initiative to give less known teams a shot at glory. Teams from Europe and North America will get their chance to prove that they are the best of the best, fighting for a coveted spot in the ESL Pro League. MDL will also be providing amateurs and fans with content to help take their game to the next level.

Typ: Video

Channel: twitch.tv/esportmania


Datum: ab 6. Juni 2017

Veranstalter: ESEA

Caster: Hendrik, Fr3ddy, David


Format der Premier Season

  • 24 Teams
  • 16 Spieltage für jedes Team
  • Best-Of-One Matches
  • Vorbestimmte Maps in jeder Spielwoche
  • Top 8 qualifizieren sich für die Playoffs (Single-Elimination Bracket)



Datum: 27.6.2017

Zeit: 19 Uhr

ALTERNATE aTTaX (13) vs. (16 ) Nexus



Tipico Sportwetten